China (Shanghai) International
Wallcoverings and Home Furnishings Exhibition

Shanghai New International Expo Center(SINEC)

China (Beijing) International
Wallcoverings and Home Furnishings Exhibition

About the show

  • The 34th China (Shanghai) International WallCoverings & Home Furnishing Exhibition will be held on 8.11-13,2022 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition, located in the South China, will be jointly launched with the industry’s another brand exhibition - Beijing Wallcovering Exhibition in the North China, by the organizer CIEC- GL Events (Beijing) Co., Ltd., so to create a linkage co-branding effect. It will share a big database of 800,000 records with the Beijing Exhibition, and invite distributors, agents, and designers to participate in the conference and negotiate. GL Events, a famous exhibition company from France, will partner with the exhibition to help continuously expand its overseas publicity and promotion, increase participation of overseas procurement groups, realize resource sharing and co-branding, and attract many well-known brands to actively participate, so to together create a flagship of wallcovering & soft-decoration expo in the industry.

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